” armed assault 3 ” Steam tries open freely play be as long as 4 days

Boximiya interacted to announce now ” armed assault 3 ” Steam platform tries freely on the weekend play an activity. According to the government, try freely on the weekend play an activity to will begin from Feburary 14, 18 days end. Try freely this play, player general can try play whole ” armed assault 3 ” noumenon game and Apex data piece content. Try the player that employs to buy game afterwards to be able to accede try play file to be accomplished with Steam. Try this play content to will include to exceed 50 weapons, many 30 carry, 4 large landform, integrated and terrestrial area is 450 square kilometer, a single person and cooperative battle battle, education order order, train the task, all sorts of much person mode and powerful 3D setting editor. Besides official content, the player still can use rich free community content, include ” armed assault 3 ” more than 55 thousand article on lane of Steam originality labour. These article include additional weapon, carry, equip, landform, the task, mode of much person game and more content. Article of lane of labour of originality of a few superhuman vital energy still includes RHS Russia armed forces and American armed forces patulous bag, ” halo ” MOD ” the action: TREBUCHET ” , before ” armed assault ” the landform of game — cup haven and ” seek to live on absolutely ” escape greatly kill prototype.

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