Thailand produces play of armour of 2 dimension machine ” M.A.S.S. Builder ” the success is numerous chip

Machine shell game all the time since be partial player love most, again game of shell of a machine will roll out PC edition formally certainly recently, the name of this game is ” M.A.S.S. Builder ” , by the Vermillion Digital that comes from Thailand development is made, advocate detail of height of the type that make day but custom-built change machine armour, understand together.
” M.A.S.S. Builder ” since began to be initiated on Kickstarter on March 12 numerous since planning an activity, 9 days completed a basis the target of 35000 dollars, that is to say the development capital of PC edition ensures already completely. ” M.A.S.S. Builder ” set is in doomsday world, all strange beast that everything comes from different world are destroyed, m.A.S.S of armour of machine of skeleton of battle of machinery of player need have the aid of. (Mechanical Assault Skeleton Suit) undertakes resisting fighting. Game includes gut mode, network 1 pair 1 reach 3 pairs of 3 mode. ” M.A.S.S. Builder ” finished already successfully numerous chip, try played edition download frequency to also be broken through 2500 times, next if capital reachs 45000 dollars, still will join whole journey speech to wait, still plan to roll out Ren Tiantang Switch additionally edition.

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